Overanalyzed & Overlyexaggerated

My name is Emerald, I'm 23, and graduate from VCU. I studied Criminal Justice and Sociology and graduated in December 2013. I am currently a corrections officer for juveniles. I am also an aspiring YouTube beauty guru and freelancing makeup artist (go figure). I have had a difficult life and a journey non the least and still have my tough days but I try to live my life as positive as possible while also being the person to tell you about yourself. I plan on doing EVERYTHING I've always wanted to do plus some! We're only given one life so let's live it to the best of our abilities!

The fact that my “best friend” takes pride in being an asshole

Is probably one of the worse things ever. He doesn’t believe he’s an ass even when he hurts my feelings and its obvious he hurts my feelings a lot. And if you know me, its pretty hard to hurt my feelings. Even when he does something completely wrong and I call him out on it, he tells me I’m mean. Seriously? Even right now, he did something completely wrong, I called him out on it and he had the nerve to call me mean. And he takes pride in being an asshole so I doubt he will ever apologize. I guess I should just not talk to him until he does…

Random thoughts

1. Saturday was more frustrating and awkward than fun for me.

2. I’m not going to try to be friends with anyone anymore. I’m making people be 50-50 with me because it sucks working so hard to be friends with someone and always getting the short end of the stick.

3. I can really feel and see a break in relationships between all of my friends and that’s something that will never make any sense to me but I’m at the point of…I can’t place a finger on it but it’s more annoying than anything.

4. I’m over people in general. 

5. Some of the people I’ve been around today were terrible. 

6. I’m looking into buying a wig overseas for my Fionna Halloween Costume (Extremely random).

7. There are just some people who will never get on my good side ever again. 

8. I’ve been very bitchy for the past week but I’m also on a “Not giving a shit anymore” mood.

9. Some of my “friends” are just not worth my time anymore especially when I’ve been trying to get into contact with them for the longest time, (all summer) suggesting we should do dinner and junk and they never come through. I don’t have time for that anymore.

10. I have to see my adviser on Wednesday. I think I have 28 credits left until I graduate and I can’t wait.

11. I hate freshman. They don’t follow directions, they don’t listen, and they all are over dramatic for no reason. 

12. I’m just in a bad mood in general and anytime I’m in a bad mood, I start realizing things about people that I normally don’t let myself see. 

I wish I was a wear heels, dress nice, and wear makeup everyday girl

But I’m not. I’m the quite opposite, most of the time.

I hardly wear makeup unless I’m going out or I know I have to time and I feel really good.

I dress nice sometimes but I work almost everyday so its more convenient to wear a nice shirt and jeans with flats or sneakers. 

Yeah, heels? In Richmond? That’s wishful thinking at the most.

*Le sigh* When I become a business professional, I’ll do that but until then, I’ll do what I can.


FINALLY A WORKING PHONE!!! But I lost all my numbers once again and I don’t even care! 

Someone bought the American flag sweater I wanted at goodwill. I hate everything today.

Things I want (soon):

1. Toms (black and white glitter)

2. 60” Pole for closet

3. Spiked flats

4. Spiked sneakers

5. Black jewelry armorie

6. White lingerie chest

7. Bed frame

8. Gold or silver comforter

9. Old rotary phone 

10. Blouses

11. “Stay Gold” tattoo

Yes, this is my list. I hope to accomplish most of this by the end of the summer.