Overanalyzed & Overlyexaggerated

My name is Emerald, I'm 23, and graduate from VCU. I studied Criminal Justice and Sociology and graduated in December 2013. I am currently a corrections officer for juveniles. I am also an aspiring YouTube beauty guru and freelancing makeup artist (go figure). I have had a difficult life and a journey non the least and still have my tough days but I try to live my life as positive as possible while also being the person to tell you about yourself. I plan on doing EVERYTHING I've always wanted to do plus some! We're only given one life so let's live it to the best of our abilities!

I will be doing a full update on my situation shortly…in the next few days. Things are still not 100% worked out just yet but put it this way, my health is a negative and my job is up in the air due to it. Tomorrow I should have a few things finalized about whats up next.


Sometimes I’m cute.

Sometimes I’m cute.


I’m 100% in love and so happy with John. 

We’ve been doing amazing thus far. 

If there’s anything in my life that makes me feel whole, its him. 

Work may suck which kind of ruins everything else for me except him. 

life update 4.10.2014

Life is busy but wonderful. I love my job still, I’m moving back home on Saturday, and my sleep schedule is completely out of whack but I’m super happy with where I am now. Its kind of funny but some of the people at my work still act like they are in high school,which I think is common everywhere, but what’s funny about it is, normally they would piss me off. Now it kind of makes me feel good to know people hate me haha. I think I’m growing up or being egotistical. Whatever the case, bitches won’t kill my vibe. 

This job academy is a blessing but it takes up all of my time. 

I have an exam tomorrow and all I’ve been doing today is studying for it but I have almost everything down. I have to go to bed every day by 9:30pm and be up for work every day by 6:30am. Honestly I thought I was finished with school but the academy is all school right now. I’ve also met some amazing people that I will be working with for a while so that’s great. I can also get as many tattoos as I want (except explicit ones). 

I really love my job and I’m so grateful for it.


Work was awesome today

It was great. We got to tour the two facilities that we could be placed at once our training is done. One of them is in the middle of no where and I mean NO WHERE. The other one is close to a mall and near some of my family. I think if I pass my training class I’ll have to stay with my uncle no matter which one I get because its far from me. I loved one of the facilities and the staff. The other facility wasn’t my cup of tea but knowing my luck, I’ll be place there (but it is closer to my house but even closer to my uncles house). We will see :)

First day of work was today

It was okay. We were “trained” by HR, even though they didn’t train us. It was boring to say the least but I’m lucky for this job because it’s not like regular corrections so they shouldnt be too hard on us. 

Today freaking sucks.

Good news you guys!

So I told y’all a while ago I had good news but I didn’t want to announce it then because it wasn’t officially but now it is so..

I’ll be a Juvenile Corrections Officer.

I’m so so so happy!


I’ve had a cup of raspberry wine everyday just for the hell of it

I’ve almost finished the entire bottle by myself. I could literally drink wine all day, everyday if it was socially acceptable to be a drunk by 5pm. 

Man, do I miss being a drunk ass sophomore in college. I can’t do that now especially since I’m out of college and about to get a big girl job. 

My mom is pissed!

So my mom rented out the house my sister and I grew up in since we were four, after she moved to Hampton. Well the people who were renting it this past time decided to not pay their rent for the past two months, turn the electricity off but not the water and not let the water drip from the faucets (because if the water doesn’t run/there’s no heat in the house, the water pipes will burst) which caused the water pipes to burst. The ceiling in three of the rooms fell in because there was so much water, the floors are soaked, and my mom’s house is completely damaged except maybe one room. She is so upset right now which I understand. That’s really messed up.