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My name is Emerald, I'm 23, and graduate from VCU. I studied Criminal Justice and Sociology and graduated in December 2013. I am currently a corrections officer for juveniles. I am also an aspiring YouTube beauty guru and freelancing makeup artist (go figure). I have had a difficult life and a journey non the least and still have my tough days but I try to live my life as positive as possible while also being the person to tell you about yourself. I plan on doing EVERYTHING I've always wanted to do plus some! We're only given one life so let's live it to the best of our abilities!

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Tonight was great. Just what I needed.

Work kind of sucked today because I had a tour group who weren’t the best (to say the least) and the high school graduations that were unannounced at the Landmark.

But I talked with Steve today, we had kind of a rocky moment yesterday but we talked it out today. He wanted to come see me again today but I was unfortunately/fortunately (because I would of loved to see him but fortunately because I’ve been so stressed and upset recently, I needed to relieve it some how) out. Second day we couldn’t be together and I’m starting to feel bad because both days he came to see me but I wasn’t able to see him for one reason or another but hopefully I’ll get to see him tomorrow. I know I’m going to show his Thursday though.

I had a blast with Jenn, she’s too much fun. We went to dinner, got hit on by 7 year olds, I got a quart size food container of Sweet tea, went back to Jenn’s place and ate. Then headed to the hat factory which was complete insanity. The music was back and forth. At times it was on point but other times it wasn’t bad but we weren’t feeling it. I got hit on too many times and Jenn and I decided we were going to “lez it out” because it got that bad. This guy grabbed me and tried to drag me to his friends and I went the hell off so his come back was “You smell like hair grease” haha really dude? Just because I don’t want you to drag me to possible rape zone, you’re going to tell me I smell like hair grease? Get over yourself. I got my shirt pulled up in the back by a girl, my back completely rubbed, had my waist grabbed, and my ass rubbed and grabbed. Several guys came up to me hitting on me, wrapping their arms around me, and crap. Like really? Guys at hat factory’s game is lame as fuck. How about trying to talk to the girl and asking if she wants to dance instead of basically raping her to get her to dance with you? And then this brilliant of a fuck-tard was trying to talk to me over the music but I couldn’t hear him so I asked him, what’s up? He was like “Why aren’t you dancing?”
I told him I was tired because I had been dancing since the doors opened. So he wanted to strike up a conversation, which was fine, until he kissed my shoulder. HOLD THE FUCK UP. haha. I don’t know you and you do not kiss my shoulder. Jenn and I left early and I went to drop her off. We were joking about how much we loved flowers earlier and their were flowers sitting on the corner of Harrison street because of the High School graduations today. Long story short, I parked in the middle of Harrison street, put my hazards on, and took two roses for Jenn and me. :)

Geeking out with Kristen and Melissa!

I’m so happy I stayed home and hung out with my bestie Melissa and my suitemate Kristen. We are all having a really good, chill bonding time like girls do!