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My name is Emerald, I'm 23, and graduate from VCU. I studied Criminal Justice and Sociology and graduated in December 2013. I am currently a corrections officer for juveniles. I am also an aspiring YouTube beauty guru and freelancing makeup artist (go figure). I have had a difficult life and a journey non the least and still have my tough days but I try to live my life as positive as possible while also being the person to tell you about yourself. I plan on doing EVERYTHING I've always wanted to do plus some! We're only given one life so let's live it to the best of our abilities!
Weaved it up!

Weaved it up!

I look like a freaking awesome Frida Kahlo! Happy Halloween! #me #emerald #happy #Halloween #epic #costume #makeup #DIY #photooftheday

I look like a freaking awesome Frida Kahlo! Happy Halloween! #me #emerald #happy #Halloween #epic #costume #makeup #DIY #photooftheday

Home was lovely

Driving through a flash flood wasn’t so much but being home with my grandmother, mom, and dad was very lovely. I love and enjoy all of their company so much. I can’t wait to move back home to see them more often. My family is amazingly supportive. I’m so happy and ready for the week. Plus, I learned some interesting things today. 

Today was exactly what I needed :)

I feel pretty and witty and gay !!!

I feel pretty and witty and gay !!!

I wish I was a wear heels, dress nice, and wear makeup everyday girl

But I’m not. I’m the quite opposite, most of the time.

I hardly wear makeup unless I’m going out or I know I have to time and I feel really good.

I dress nice sometimes but I work almost everyday so its more convenient to wear a nice shirt and jeans with flats or sneakers. 

Yeah, heels? In Richmond? That’s wishful thinking at the most.

*Le sigh* When I become a business professional, I’ll do that but until then, I’ll do what I can.

John spent the past three nights here

but tonight, he’s at home and I really miss him. I have always had troubles sleeping but its ten times harder when he’s not around. He’s my body pillow, my warmth, and my safety wrapped into one. I want him to come back home, to my home, to me.

I took my cousin school shopping at JCPennys and Marshalls today

and I can’t stop thinking about several different clothes I saw so I’m going to type it down and hope I forget.

Black cotton jeggings

Black classic cut dress

Cream, see-through shirt with cheetah print details 

Black 3D flower detail skirt

Lime green blazer 

Ugh, please let me forget.